Blond Escape

A split screen Game created during the Global Game Jam 2018

Responsible for timemanagement, characterart, environmentart, gameplayprogramming and gamedesign.

The Game

Blond-Escape is about a classic horror film situation with attention to the theme 'transmission'. You play with a friend on a split screen on which one of you will be the victim and the other a murderous killer. The goal for one of them is obviously killing the scared teen girl. She has to run to the radio towers scattered across the foggy forest to gain reception on her phone to call for help...


This Game was made mainly during the GGJ. But we wanted to finalize it. Sadly our  Programmers PC broke on the 2nd GGJ day and we had a long break. We decided to swap the models out and make a Werewolf vs Jogger game. We don`t plan to develop it further, because we`re focusing on "Witching Hour". The game itself was completely created with the help of tons of energy drinks and coffee within three days. Afterwards only the UI incl. graphic settings got an revamp and we released it on