Welcome to the animalymic robot (war) games.

Animals have evolutionary advanced and live more or less civilized. But once every 4 years the best scientists and fighters meet in the arena to demonstrate their power and live out their animalic side.  

I´m responsible for gameplayprogramming, projectmanagement, gamedesign, characterart and rigging/animating/characterimplementation in Unreal4.

About the Game

ShockOut is an local multiplayer couch coop mech top-down shooter, where you control those with crazy animals . Your goal is to hunt down all enemy players in a deadly arena environment. You need to push/pull your enemies in deadly traps, which will spawn randomly over time.

Additionally you have a polarization, depending on this your abilities have different effects. When the polarization of attacker and defender are the same, your ability knocks back, if the polarization is different, the ability pulls. Shockout will be a mix between "Ratchet & Clank" and "Robot Wars".

We are planning to release it on Steam during this year.

A preview of our first playable "Flamingo" Mech is attached below and still WIP! I´m currently @ the texturing process, what you see below is a first texture pass. I have been gone very fast though, so I could pass a "final"  model to my rigger/animator. Now I have time for a more polished texture version.